At Fulham Reach we offer a wide range of exciting courses and private coaching lessons. Coached by our dedicated team of professional rowing coaches, we cater for a wide range of abilities from first time rowers, to more experienced racers, as well as providing the variety of both on water and indoor rowing experiences delivered to the highest standard.


"Last week I enjoyed my first solo row in a single, knocking off a massive life achievement aim. Feeling on top of the world after a sunny hour calmly rowing along the Thames dreaming of winning Cups and World Records. .... and didn't get wet or clip a bouy ?. BUT it's all down to you and the other coaches who have inspired me with patience and support, giving me the confidence to learn to row over the last 2yrs. I'm so grateful to FRBC for everything and couldn't have done it without your encouragement. The staff and coaches are all tremendous characters who have given so many people enormous confidence and motivation with their new challenging sport. I'm not the world's best rower and with 20yrs playing rugby, have a back as flexible as a 6ft plank ! However you've all helped me so much and I'm externally grateful for your support to reach this personal milestone... with more to follow!! FRBC provides a unique service within a wonderful environment, something which you and David must be very proud with. Best wishes and thanks once again."
Bryan, London,28 June, 2021

"I tried to join a rowing club 5 years ago with the other "more traditional" clubs but I was only offered to join as a cox due to my small size. My dream of rowing was put to rest until spring 2021 when I received a publicity email from Fulham Reach Boat Club. My interest was rekindled, and seeing the photos on the website, of the school children, and other ladies of my size encouraged me to give the Learn to Row course a try. I'm mighty glad I did! And even gladder that I persevered and join as a member of the club. The sessions have been awesome - the coaches and members I've met are all so friendly and welcoming! It has certainly changed my mind about the rowing community. I enjoy myself immensely and am always on a buzz after a session! Well done and thank you very much to you and your team for running such a fantastic club! I look forward to many years of rowing."
Diana, London,25 June, 2021

"On Monday, 13 May 2019, our group of 28 women came to the Fulham Reach Boat Club for a fun, team building day on the water. We are a group of runners under the Women Running the World organization and this was our end of the season event. The advanced communication with Mr. Matt King, Membership Manager, was flawless. He was kind, accommodating, responsive and informative. He worked with us to organize an amazing lunch, which met all our group's dietary requirements. On the day we were all prepped on what to wear and bring. We arrived timely, got an introduction, and set off in four person boats with a coach in each one. Our training was in two different longer sessions on the water and it was incredible what we were able to learn in just a few hours. All the coaches were informative, encouraging and knowledgeable. The club itself is beautiful and had all needed equipment. The team's reviews from the day were very positive and enthusiastic. Many people would like to return for more lessons! We would wholeheartedly recommend this experience for any team, corporate building event or just a fun day! Thank you to the Fulham Reach team."
Tamar Brooks, St John's Wood, Nw8,15 May, 2019

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the 'Learn to Row' course for several reasons. The tremendous Club House & facilities, the enviable opportunity to row on the Thames around Hammersmith but most of all your inspiring coaches. They have all been so reassuring, positive and patient. They are a great credit to the Club. Many thanks once again to you and your staff. "
Bryan, London,6 August, 2018

"I have had so many people say how much they enjoyed the rowing, the clubhouse, the food & everything! I think there are also people who are genuinely considering taking up rowing, myself included (so if you run any courses or classes or anything then do send over some information and I can circulate!). I know that everyone was also particularly enthused to hear of the work you do with schools, and how that our event will help contribute to that as well, so all in all a great day!"
Annabel, London,23 July, 2018

"I would like to congratulate your club and in particular the teachers of the course for making me feel welcome and safe and for their clear instructions and frequent encouragement. It is a great achievement to put together a group of strangers and make them do something together in such a limited time while having fun at the same time. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I have now signed as a member in order to access to the improver's sessions. Also, as a mother of a child of one of the schools which benefits from your scheme, I feel very proud to be able to support it. "
Teresa Redondo-lópez, London,28 June, 2018

"My experience with the club and Learn to Row course has been fabulous! Club facilities are great and our coaches are exceptional. I will definitely be continuing. Anyone who intends to take up rowing should definitely consider Fulham Reach."
Mahbano, Fulham,23 November, 2016

"I really enjoyed my Learn to Row course at Fulham Reach. Matt and Steve were brilliant instructors who made my first experience of rowing enjoyable and informative. I would like to keep rowing and this is down to their fantastic Learn to Row sessions. And rowing on the Thames at Hammersmith is a real pleasure too."
Kenny, Fulham,23 November, 2016

"It may seem naive, it may seem unattainable and perhaps it is foolish to think that every day something will inspire me at work. Still, I'm rarely disappointed. And today, was a standout in the inspiration department. A few weeks ago, I sent out a call to action through an email message addressed to all colleagues based here at the Ark in London. I asked for eight willing and active learners to power a boat in a race against another corporate team for a good cause. It took a mere matter of minutes to fill the boat. Even after they heard it would mean pre-dawn practice sessions in icy water and frigid temperature. Today was race day and it was a thing of beauty. The sun was shining and the water was calm. The team was in fine form. They carried their boat and launched it into the water like champs. And more than 30 of our office colleagues showed up riverside to cheer them on. I'm an avid rower so I know what it takes to make the boat move and I was so impressed that after only three sessions they had the skill and confidence to race. Was I surprised? Not one bit."
Rebecca Lowell Edwards, London,14 March, 2016

"I wanted to take up a new hobby that challenged me and kept me fit, so I thought I would give rowing a try. I was apprehensive, as I presumed a club would be interested in somebody who had experience or background in rowing. I was welcomed at FRC as a complete novice, the instructors are patient, knowledgable and encouraging. They have a great knack of making you feel comfortable with what may seem daunting to a newbie on the water. The atmosphere at FRC is great, friendly and fun. I really enjoy my 1:1 sessions with the instructors and also taking up the row-fit course - which has given me a new sense of motivation and really feeling part of a great team!"
Tessa Van Der Vord, London,17 February, 2016

"From a young age I have always loved rowing, but only ever being able to participate as a spectator as it was not accessible for just anyone (well not easily anyway). At the age of 35 I thought my opportunity had passed, but then I saw FRBC advertised online. So I took the plunge and joined and it's the best thing I ever did. The learn to row course is hugely enjoyable, the coaches are lovely and being subject experts make you feel very safe in what could otherwise be a scary situation. I am now able to say "I can row" and though I'm probably a fair way off saying "I can row really well" at least I'm getting there and having lots of fun along the way. I've met some lovely people, the facilities are lush and there is no better feeling than being out on the water. What Fulham Reach are doing and indeed have done is wonderful, especially their work with kids.........Very proud to be able to say I am now a member of Fulham Reach Boatclub. If you are looking for a fun and worthwhile sport to take part in then join....... You won't regret it :-)"
Leanne Davis, Earlsfield,16 February, 2016

"The learn to row course proved to be hugely popular, with 70% of the office taking part. The positive vibe post-rowing every week was tangible and made the office environment much more relaxed and enjoyable. Being such a team-focused sport; requiring perfect coordination in the boat resulted in improved communication between everybody and allowed newer staff members to integrate and meet everybody at a far more rapid rate than usual. The coaches were remarkably patient given the variety of rowing talent on display each week, and allowed even those of a nervous disposition to feel perfectly safe when out on the river. All in all a fantastic way to learn a new skill in a safe environment with top class coaches and equipment."
Thomas Murray, Fulham,25 November, 2015

"I have absolutely loved my time at Fulham Reach learning to row and getting to know you all - I am really going to miss my rowing but hope to see you very soon."
Anon, Fulham,19 November, 2015

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