Row100 Fundraiser for Junior Bursary

Posted on Sun, 11 Jun, 2023

At 0900 on Friday 9th June, members and supporters of Fulham Reach Boat Club (FRBC) will be setting off from Falcon Boat Club in Oxford to row 100 miles to FRBC in Hammersmith, London to raise money to support ‘Rowing for All’.  

The Row100 challenge event will raise money to provide junior bursaries to support young people. These bursaries enable local young people, who have tried rowing through their state school rowing programme or the Free Water Sports Weeks over the long school holidays, to continue to row at FRBC, even if they lack the financial means to do so

This inaugural FRBC Row100 event will take place from Friday 9th June - Monday 12th June. Three crews of 5 will row a marathon (26 miles) distance every day over 4 days. The route will be as follows: 

Day 1 : Friday 9th June: Oxford (Falcon BC) to Wallingford (OUBC)

Day 2 : Saturday 10th June: Wallingford to Henley (Henley RC)

Day 3 : Sunday 11th June: Henley to Staines (Staines BC) 

Day 4 : Monday 12th June: Staines to FRBC in Hammersmith 

FRBC increases participation levels within rowing among state schools as well as the wider community. FRBC firmly believes that every child deserves a chance to experience the transformative power of rowing, even if only for six weeks. Sadly, the statistics reveal a stark reality: the vast majority of young people are denied this opportunity. 83% of school clubs registered with British Rowing are exclusive to fee-paying schools, while 93% of children in the UK attend non-fee-paying schools. FRBC is determined to improve accessibility to rowing.

Presently working with 12 state schools in Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea they deliver rowing sessions on the tidal Thames, last year providing 12,231 pupil places out on the water. Through rowing they teach students about focus, teamwork, confidence and communication, life skills that are not easily taught in the classroom. FRBC’s focus is always on supporting socially disadvantaged pupils who have a need for fair access to the power of sport and an active lifestyle.  

Recognising the challenges faced by those receiving the Pupil Premium, who are at risk of food insecurity, learning loss, and the risk of crime during long school holidays, FRBC steps in with their transformative initiative: Free Water Sports Weeks. These weeklong courses give local young people somewhere to be, with something to do and food to eat. Providing an abundance of enriching activities, active fun, as well as nutritious food for students from low-income families. By bridging the gap and offering essential support, the FRBC Free Water Sports Weeks not only create an inclusive and secure environment but also serves as a catalyst for personal growth, resilience, and future opportunities.

“Rowing to me is like a gateway to peace. My safe place from all my worries and stress. I am able to switch off from the outside world, be present with nature, and appreciate my surroundings. I always look forward to rowing with FRBC”  Junior bursary member

To get involved and support the challengers 100-mile mission please go to https://fulhamreachboatclub.enthuse.com/cp/51e7f/Row100donation#!/

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