Racing update - Lea Mans

Posted on Wed, 27 Sep, 2023

Fulham Reach Boat Club member Nina shares her experience racing at Lea Mans

*.... Attention. Go!*

17th of September, 16 rowers from FRBC turned up in Lea Valley, East London, for the Lea Mans event. This was the first time Lea RC hosted this event that consisted of two parts - a skill-based time trial and then a head to head against another crew. The 16 FRBC rowers were split into 4 quads - 3 mixed and 1 women's.

Lea Valley was a new acquaintance for most (all?) of us. It was a lovely location with a great café next door. Apparently, you could get a veggie breakfast there for just over £6! Just saying...

This time, compared to the Hammersmith Regatta earlier this year, which was my first-ever race - we had a bit more time to get our crew together and practice. Annabel, Per and I, already row in the same group, so Christian could join us a couple of times beforehand. That was very beneficial for us.

It was a great way to spend the best part of a Sunday. All FRBC crews won their head to heads and one of the Novice crews won the Novice category! It was lovely to meet other club members this way, and in combination with the monthly socials that will start this month, this will help make that club feeling even stronger.

 1. Read the instructions beforehand. Properly.

 2. If there is a skill-based element, read up on it, & practise what you can. You see, just because it's boring to read, doesn't mean that the skill-based element will not happen. It'll just mean that you will be less prepared. We learned it the hard way.

 3. Practice makes perfect. Well, if not perfect, at least better. I was still nervous, but think I managed to channel the nerves into more focus and power this time.

 4. Battle of the clashes is fun! I know, your time will get impacted, but sometimes this might be what happens to your boat, so just enjoy the moment. Blades against blades in fury make some pretty loud noises!

 5. Have fun! This is my main mantra. Always remember to have fun. Yes, I do want to win (everything, every time - sorry crew members, I know I'm unbearable at times!), but to have fun is as important to me.

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