Covid Restrictions and FRBC

Posted on Mon, 19 Jul, 2021

No doubt everyone is aware that today sees the removal of most Covid restrictions across England.  It’s now up to all of us to take make our own sensible choices with respect to keeping each other and the users of FRBC free from catching Coronavirus.  We also need to be aware that cases in Hammersmith & Fulham are rising at one of the highest rates in the UK which has the potential to affect how we operate.

For now, nothing will change with the current measures we have in place I would emphasise the importance of the below continuing to happen:

- Continue with thorough cleaning of the boats and equipment after use
- Gym booking limit to remain the same at one person per session
- Considerate social distancing to be observed in and around FRBC
- Everyone should remain outside as much as possible and not congregate in the club room or boat bay
- The club room should be kept as well ventilated as possible
- Masks and eye coverings should continue to be worn for all coxes, including those in the tubs

We’ve all worked incredibly hard to help FRBC get through the last 16 months and if we can stick to the simple processes above we should be able to continue to operate freely over the coming weeks and months.

We'll be reviewing the guidance from both British Rowing and the Government and will update everyone ASAP if we feel that these measures can be relaxed any further.

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