We need a ferry - but not at Harrods Wharf

Posted on Wed, 10 Feb, 2021

First and foremost, we want a ferry up and running ASAP...it just can't be put in a dangerous part of the river.

The proposed ferry route using Harrods Wharf is just one of a number of proposed routes being submitted to TFL.  We are objecting to this particular application as the position of the proposed Harrods Wharf terminal is in a dangerous part of the river which would lead to the closure of FRBC as it is unsafe to operate a ferry from the Harrods Wharf. 

Fulham Reach Boat Club is a registered charity located on the north bank of the river and has use of a pontoon located opposite to Harrods Wharf.  As a registered charity we help more than 1,300 local state school children from both sides of the river, including Richmond and Barnes, access the river every year.  As well as this we have 200 members from the local community, again on both sides of the river, who also use our charity to recreationally access the Thames.  We have been nationally recognised for our charitable work by winning Club of the Year at the 2020 British Rowing Awards.

We absolutely understand the need for the ferry but this should be installed in a safe location where it can’t conflict with river traffic which we suggest is next to the eastern side of Hammersmith Bridge.  This has precedent as a Hammersmith Ferry also operated from this point in the 1920’s and currently there is no river traffic at all next to the bridge so it is by far and away the safest place for a ferry.

If the Harrods Wharf ferry proposal is allowed to be built it will mean that our charity has to close as we would not be able to operate on the water safely, thousands of local residents on both sides of the river would lose recreational access to the Thames and 25 jobs would be lost.  This can be avoided by installing the ferry next to the eastern side of Hammersmith Bridge and we would support a proposal that would be located in that position.

We also note that the Design and Access Statement makes reference to the Fulham Reach Boat Club pontoon as a potential landing site for the ferry on the north side of the river.  We can categorically state that the Fulham Reach Boat Club pontoon will not be available for use as part of this application.

To register your objection to this proposal please head to:


The below visual is our suggestion for the safest and most convenient ferry route:

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