Tier 4 - 22nd Dec Update - 1x and Household 2x

Posted on Tue, 22 Dec, 2020

We're really pleased to announce that our club single sculls and doubles for members of the same household will be available for booking as of today.

Thanks to everyone for bearing with us whilst we do our due diligence to ensure that FRBC can hold at least some rowing sessions in a Covid-secure way.

• Only those who are signed off to steer singles and doubles will be allowed to book initially. If you think your name should be on this list and it isn’t please contact [email protected] 
• Between now and the 4th Jan we won’t be completing any additional steering sign off’s owing to the team being away for the Christmas break.  If you believe you are in a position to safely take a single scull out on your own, correctly navigate the Tideway and then return safely to FRBC please email Yolande to arrange your steering assessment for the New Year.

The rules and procedures we have for rowing are listed below.  By booking a boat you are accepting to abide by the below:

Club Access
- Access to the single sculls will be at the times listed on the booking section of the website
- No more than two members on site at any one time which is in-line with Government advice i.e. no more than two members using the same slot in the day to attend FRBC
- To use a club boat please use the website booking system as normal.  PLEASE DON’T TURN UP TO GO ROWING WITHOUT BOOKING ON THE WEBSITE FIRST
- We ask all members with private boats to book using the website also so we can ensure a maximum of two people on site at one time
- Access to FRBC will be through the side door on Chancellors Road using your fob
- Please ensure the boat bays doors are closed from the outside when you go rowing and exit/enter the club through the side door
- The changing rooms and disabled toilet will be unavailable for general use but can be used for an emergency e.g. a capsize
- The club room and gym will be locked
- Please bring your own wellies and make sure to take all personal items and rubbish home with you after the session
- Use the hand sanitisers on entry and exit of the building

Your Safety and Navigation
- There will be NO launches on the water, no safety cover and no one in the office.  We urge you to only come rowing if you are confident in your ability to recover yourself back into a single following a capsize as you will be on your own when on the water.  Please ensure that someone knows you are on the water and what your expected return time is
- Hammersmith Bridge remains closed so please ONLY scull between Hammersmith and Putney
- Keep an eye on the PLA Flag status for ebb tide sessions, this can be found here https://www.pla.co.uk/templates/widgets/trafficWidget.cfm
- All oars and boats need to be disinfected after use
- Please remember to report ANY damage to either the boats or building via the spanner icon at the top left hand side of the home screen www.fulhamreachboatclub.co.uk
- Make sure to bring a mobile phone with you in a water proof pouch so you can raise the alarm if needed
- In the event of an emergency the Fulham Reach concierge can be contacted via their desk at the front of the building

I hope that all makes sense.  Please do drop Yolande a line if you have any specific questions about your own rowing and do let me know if you want a broader update on how things are progressing.  I’ll also keep everyone informed if we get any further updates during the Christmas break.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in 2021.


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