The second step back to the river

Posted on Fri, 3 Jul, 2020

Following British Rowing’s recent advice on the next stage to returning to rowing, we’ve been able to update our plans as we continue to try to get back to business as usual.  You can find the full guidance here:
As always, we need to be mindful that we are not out of the woods yet when it comes to this pandemic and we need to still be vigilant and do what we can to stop any second spike in cases.  I’m also extremely conscious that we’ve not been able to offer any coached sessions since the 17th March and whilst the current advice means we have made the decision not to send crew boats out yet, there is still something we can do to get some sessions underway.
There is a fair bit of detail below so I’ve tried to summarise it for the different groups.  Please also note that these changes will take effect from Monday 6th July for Recreational Members and  Wednesday 8th July for all Coached Members:
Coached Members who are signed off in singles
We will be offering coached sessions, led by Georgia, for up to five scullers at a time.  We have been through the list of who is signed off and who we think will be able to manage a single scull without Georgia needing to intervene and break social distancing guidelines.  We have also tried to time these sessions so that each sculler gets one coached session a week.  At the moment we have allocated the below times to individuals, I’m sure there will need to be some changes based on people’s schedules but if we can stick to this as much as possible it makes the administration much easier.  As always with these sessions, the Google Sheet will be used to tell Georgia if you’re coming.

Monday – 9.15am to 10.45am – First session on Monday 13th July 
Tuesday – 7:15pm to 8:45pm – First session will be on Tuesday 14th July
Wednesday – 7:15pm to 8:45pm – First session will be on Wednesday 8th July
Thursday  -7:15pm to 8:45pm – First session will be on Thursday 9th July
Saturday – 8:15am to 9:45M – First session will be Saturday 11th July
Saturday – 10:15am to 11:45am – First session with be Saturday 11th July
Saturday – 12:15pm to 1:45pm – First session will be Saturday 11th July
For any questions relating to the above sessions please contact Georgia on [email protected]
Coached Members who are not signed off in singles
Given that we are not currently able to use the crew boats we would now like to offer regular land sessions for everyone that is not currently signed off in a single.  These will be a mixture of circuits and ergs, again led by Georgia, and will take place at the following times for up to five people per session, again :
• Monday – 8am to 8.30am            Circuits – First session on Monday 6th July
• Tuesday – 6pm to 7pm                 Erg Session – First session on Tuesday 14th July
• Wednesday – 8am to 8.30am     Circuits – First Session on Wednesday – 8th July
• Wednesday – 6pm to 7pm          Erg Session – First session on Wednesday 8th July
• Thursday – 6pm to 7pm               Erg Session – First session on Thursday 9th July
Recreational Members
For those people who are singed off to take out a single scull unsupervised, the access times restriction we have had in place will now be lifted and normal access times will be resumed from Monday 6th July.  We will still keep it to a maximum of two scullers on site at the same time with all boat bookings being made through the website as usual.  We will also now lift the restriction of not paddling beyond Hammersmith Bridge.  I would strongly urge you to stick between Barn Elms Boathouse and Chiswick Bridge only and to let someone know what time you’re expected back, this makes life easier if we need to come and find you.  Please also note that there may not be anyone on site when you go for a paddle.
As ever, you need to book via the website to use a boat.  No booking = no rowing.
If you would like to get signed off to use a single unsupervised please email [email protected]
Updated Site Rules
• The changing rooms are still closed but the disabled toilet is now accessible
• The gym is still closed
• The club room is still closed
• Please enter the building using your fob and the normal side entrance.  If you don’t have a fob and require access outside of the coached sessions please email [email protected]
• Paddling beyond Hammersmith Bridge towards Chiswick is now allowed.  Please let someone know where you are going and your expected ETA back at FRBC.
• There may not be anybody on site when you are down so we must all now be responsible for the security of the site.  If you are heading out as a recreational member please ensure both that:
o You keep your fob on you
o Leave your boat on the pontoon or in front of the boat bay and then ensure that the boat bay door and side door are locked
o Exit via the normal side door on Chancellors Road and then down to the pontoon for your session
o Shut the gate to the pontoon
I hope that all makes sense and thanks once again for bearing with us as we work to keep everyone safe and open up the club as much as we can.  As soon as we have another update from British Rowing we’ll publish what the next stage is looking like.

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