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The Club

FRBC was originally created as part of a planning agreement between the developers, St. George, and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.  Since then it has become a registered charity with the specific aim of improving participation rates in rowing within the borough.  Our main body of work is helping local state schools to become established rowing schools with the aim of them becoming competitive at a national level.  Our mission statement is:

"To create a sustainable and successful rowing club in all Hammersmith & Fulham state schools by 2021 and demonstrate the improvements in physiology, behaviour, social skills and academic results through participation."

We also offer Learn to Row courses for adults throughout the year and aim to get our participants up to a level where they can join the recreational membership base.  Our members have either learnt to row with us or joined from other clubs and all share the same passion for the sport.  We promote an exit route to racing for all of our groups and have had representation at the major races throughout the UK, including Henley Royal Regatta.

Donations welcome

As a registered charity we welcome donations from individuals and businesses alike. Please visit our JustGiving page to donate.

Great memberships

Members are provided with access to the finest boats, rowing machines and club room as well as all club social events.

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