FRBC Recruits a Chair of the Board of Trustees

Posted on Wed, 12 Jun, 2024

Fulham Reach Boat Club is excited to be recruiting a new Chair of the Board of Trustees. 

To apply for this voluntary part-time role please provide a CV and Covering Letter to [email protected] by Sunday 14th July 2024.


About Fulham Reach Boat Club

Fulham Reach Boat Club is an award-winning sport for good charity, recognised with the prestigious sports sector award of Community Club of the Year in 2024, Mayoral Charity of the Year 204/25, and Sports Business Award for Innovation in 2023 for our Boats Not Bars programme. The vision for our charity is a simple one, Rowing for All. 

Established in 2014 as a community sports initiative linked to the redevelopment of the St George Fulham Reach site in Hammersmith. We want to give access to rowing to a cross-section of our community, especially those who are most in need because of financial hardship or social circumstances and help them realise their full potential both on and off the water. Our community adult programmes help offer rowing to a cross-section of our community but also help us drive our charitable work, this currently comprises 150 adult rowers.

We currently have four key charity initiatives to deliver Rowing for All:

  • State School Rowing – Giving every pupil in our participating state schools the opportunity to learn to row and compete whilst teaching them the true meaning of teamwork, focus and confidence.
  • Free Water Sports Weeks – Providing free-to-attend courses include meals during the Summer and Easter holidays  for targeted at children most in need
  • Junior Squad and Bursary places – Delivering affordable access to the river for the local community supported by our fun, friendly and flexible club environment.
  • Boats Not Bars – Helping reduce the reoffending rate of serving prisoners through access to indoor rowing and rowing.

We also want to broaden this work to support disabled people and the rehabilitation of ex-prisoners onsite. And in everything we do, we strongly believe in “The health of our space that’s the place for our health”. 

  • Environmental Impact – We are committed to being environmental stewardship and sustainability so that we can be positive role models to everyone we work with. 

"Fulham Reach Boat Club has given Maria [not real name] an opportunity to row, which she has taken full advantage of. It is incredible to see how far she has developed, as a rower and as a person, in such a short time. I often have happy tears in my eyes when I see her racing and reading about her achievements. FRBC gives stability to her outside of our home, which has allowed her to learn about the sport she loves and has given her confidence. Maria also takes every opportunity to volunteer at FRBC, and is often found to be there during school holidays and Sundays, helping the coaches and learning from them. The coaches and people who work at FRBC are truly supportive"

Job purpose:

  • To lead the Board of Trustees in ensuring that it fulfils its responsibilities for the governance of FRBC.
  • To work in partnership with the Chief Executive and the Trustees to develop and achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the charity.

Main Tasks:

  • Forming and regularly reviewing the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation 
  • Oversee the finances of the Charity and to assist in developing and implementing fund raising strategies with the fundraising team to achieve the strategic objectives.
  • To support and assist the Chief Executive in meeting the organisation’s goals and objectives.
  • To effectively manage the Board of Trustees to ensure that policies and practices of the organisation are in in line with its goals and objectives. 
  • With other Trustees to ensure that the organisation functions within the legal and financial requirements of a charitable organisation and strives to achieve best practice in good governance.
  • To engage with all members and users of the Charity to have a clear understanding of all  programmes and initiatives.
  • To be a proud and public Ambassador for FRBC, working closely with the CEO where appropriate at public events, fundraising meetings and for PR and marketing opportunities.    

Main duties:

Forming strategic aims

  • To chair meetings of the Board of Trustees; see that it functions effectively and carries out its duties.
  • To ensure that the Board’s strategies, aims and objectives are met.
  • To ensure that the organisation’s financial dealings are prudently and systematically accounted for, audited and publicly available.
  • Producing a grid of strategic priorities by urgency and importance.

Ensuring policies and procedures are in keeping with aims

  • To ensure that the organisation has a satisfactory system for holding in trust for the beneficiaries of the charity any monies or property to ensure that where appropriate monies are invested to the greatest benefit of the organisation within the constraints of the law and investment practices.
  • To monitor the implementation of decisions taken at meetings.
  • With the Chief Executive to develop appropriate and relevant agendas for meetings.

Leading good governance

  • In close consultation with the Chief Executive and Nominations Committee to make recommendations on the composition of the Board of Trustees, and future Chairs (with a view to succession).
  • To work in consultation with the Chief Executive to recruit Trustees and co-optees with specific/relevant expertise.
  • To ensure that the Board of Trustees annually reviews its structure, role, relationship to staff and implements agreed changes as necessary.
  • To define and keep under review selection and performance criteria for Trustees.
  • To manage the relationship with St George and the nomination process for St George Trustees.
  • Ensure that all Trustees receive appropriate advice, training and information relating to their role.
  • To ensure that the organisation has appropriate procedures to comply with current employment and equal opportunities legislation and good practice.
  • To receive regular informal progress reports of the organisation’s work through the Chief Executive.
  • To reflect to the Board of Trustees any concerns staff have in regard to the role of the Trustees, its sub-committees or members; to relate the concerns of the Trustees and other constituencies to the Chief Executive.
  • In consultation with the Chief Executive, to agree an annual calendar of meetings of the Trustees and its principal sub-committees and major events for the organisation.
  • To ensure the performance of the Board, its committees and individual Trustees is evaluated at least once a year and acting on the results of such evaluation recognising the strengths and addressing the weaknesses of the Board.  Where appropriate through the Nominations Committee, proposing that new members be appointed to the Board or seeking the resignation of others. 
  • Ensure that the Trustees receive accurate, timely and clear information, including that on FRBC current performance, to enable the Board to take sound decisions, monitor effectively and provide advice to promote the success of FRBC.
  • Promote the highest standards of corporate governance in accordance with best practicEnsure that there is an appropriate delegation of authority from the Board to executive management. 


  • To serve as an additional spokesperson for or promoter of the FRBC organisation.

Time Commitment

  • We would expect the Chair to serve a minimum of 3 years in the role.
  • The board normally meets in person once per quarter and also holds at least one “Off site” per year. 
  • In addition, regular in person meetings with the CEO are desirable; the relationship between Chair and CEO is very important. 
  • The Chair will also be expected to sit on one or more sub-committees of the board. 
  • Attendance at events of the Charity such as annual dinners, Boat Race days, fund-raising events, meetings with major donors or partners.
  • Participation in FRBC events.


  • Commitment to the theory of change behind the charity and the social impact it aims to achieve. 
  • A proven background or demonstrable interest in rowing or sport in general is desirable but not essential. 
  • A network of contacts who can help with the development of the charity including fundraising would also be positive.

NOTE: Some of the duties listed above may be delegated by the Chairman to other Directors.

To apply for this role please provide a CV and Covering Letter to [email protected] by Sunday 14th July 2024.

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